Estate Planning

The services provided by our team seek to align the interests of the family with those of the family business and wealth. Estate Planning is a multidisciplinary practice that considers the needs of the family and its members in a comprehensive manner. It is a team that operates as a specialized or “boutique” firm, in which the lawyers provide a personalized service, guaranteeing total confidentiality, even within the same firm, when working on family legal matters. Our team is oriented to advise business families taking into account the three fundamental factors that intervene in their estate planning: 
Family ; Business ; Patrimony
Our advice is focused on elaborating structures that result in a harmonious and efficient exercise of business and, at the same time, in an optimal distribution of family inheritance.

Portfolio of Services

  • Succession planning.
  • Protection of family assets.
  • Transnational planning schemes.
  • Tax and corporate planning structures for the reorganization of family businesses.
  • Tax and corporate advice on sale planning and reorganization of family businesses.
  • Advice to families with multiple nationalities and/or tax residency.
  • Advice on obtaining or losing the Dominican tax residency.
  • Shareholder agreements in family businesses.

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