Litigation, Arbitration, and Insolvency

We have participated in relevant and complex civil, commercial, labor, and administrative litigation, arbitration, and insolvency proceedings.

  • Our litigation, arbitration, and insolvency practice are outstanding and internationally recognized.
  • We are experts in risk management. We work closely with our clients to understand their businesses, identify potential areas of legal exposure, and create creative strategies to manage their risks.
  • We strive to protect our clients’ corporate reputations.
  • Our lawyers are great litigators and business lawyers who combine their legal skills, business experience, and litigation strategy to achieve our clients’ objectives.
  • We identify the best business-oriented solution for our clients – whether in litigation or through alternative dispute resolution – to achieve their legal and business objectives.
  • .We choose the lawyers from our team who will handle each case according to their area of practice and experience.

Portfolio of Services


  • Advice and representation in civil, commercial, labor, administrative, constitutional, antitrust, and police proceedings.
  • Advice and representation in proceedings before public and judicial entities.
  • Advice and representation in exequatur proceedings.
  • Advice and representation in the prevention of possible litigation.
  • Advice and representation in the termination of contractual relations and litigation.
  • Management and resolution of disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as conciliation and mediation.
  • Review of litigation in due diligence processes.


  • Advice and representation in national and international arbitration proceedings.
  • Elaboration of arbitration agreements according to the conditions of the business.
  • Analysis of convenience and legality of arbitration agreements.
  • Advice and representation in arbitrator selection processes.
  • Advice and representation in proceedings for annulment of arbitral awards.
  • Advice and representation in the recognition of international awards.
  • Participation as arbitrators and secretaries in national and international arbitration panels.

Insolvency and Restructuring

  • Advice and representation in insolvency proceedings, both as debtors and creditors.
  • Review and advise on the constitution of guarantees.
  • Review and advise on insolvency risks related to project finance structures.
  • Strategic advice on business deals with companies in insolvency.
  • Advice on acquiring companies in insolvency in coordination with other teams of the Firm.

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